W E L C O M E in my world "Il Mondo delle Nuvole"
To request my patterns write at: ivynuvole@gmail.com

Needle, fabric, thread… are in my heart from many years
I love to find relax when sewing dolls & craft
Thanks for not having photocopied and reproduced in any form my patterns.
Can not sell my patterns through craft show, auctions or website.
The finished creations made with my patterns can be sold.
My patterns is in English language
and have instructions and image step by step of project.
Happy Work!

THANKS to my fans,
THANKS to the good and bad review,
THANKS to Etsy who gave me the opportunity to meet people who love everything handmade and to discover that my little creations are liked overseas,
THANKS to those who loved and smiled my creations.
Smiling at the little things is a Smile to Life… despite everything.

I will continue to Sew, Create, Dream and Love with needle and thread
on a small cloud of my "Il Mondo delle Nuvole"