Hello to all .... my name is Ivana, Ivy for friends.

I live in Parma (Italy), a beautiful city in humid padana valley that has little to country ... but passion for all that you can make hand made in the heart I have for many years.

"Learn the art and put it by" ... can always be useful, is one of the many things I was able to teach me a great woman ... My Mom Adriana.

Thank Mom, good seamstress, since little girl I learned to sew; something kept in a drawer, that one day rediscover and magically can be surround yourself with joy.

Thanks to Ste … my husband, that live with threads and fabrics throughout the house and along with some friends are in love with of my creatures ... are my fans!

Sewing and sewing... one day a cloud has appeared in my head and so from my Creatures was born my collection of patterns.

The emotions go on and in september 2010 come out a new magazine IDEE IN FILO that publishes some of my projects.. and then what happens? who knows?

Creativity has no limits, never ceases to amaze …
is so … my "Il Mondo delle Nuvole".

Sew,Create … Dream with needle and thread … but with Love.